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Thinking Bicycle
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Chris Gore

If particulars are to have meaning, there must be universals.
-- Plato.

If you are visiting this website then the odds are good that you know me personally; if not, then hi, my name is Chris, how are you doing? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I hope you enjoy your little visit to my personal corner of the Internet.

I mess around with computers a lot: I'm a professional programmer (or 'software engineer' if you are an HR-type person and care about such titles) and have been coding since I was a little kid. I love programming in Lisp and Ruby mostly, I really like C too, and I have dabbled with many other languages through the years. This site is in Lisp. At work I mostly do Clojure, which is sufficiently lispy.

I'm working on a website called Thinking Bicycle in my spare time: it's an online note-taking app, but where the notes are all fully programmable. I'm writing my own programming language for this, called Teepee. I've been writing it in Ruby, which isn't perhaps the best language to write programming languages in. I'm thinking about rewriting it in Clojure and ClojureScript because of that.

I also like mathematics, hiking, philosophy, and photography. I have a dog, a cat, and a lot of fish. My favorite color is light blue, the hue of this site if your monitor is tuned correctly.

Hope you have fun!