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Chris Gore: Blog: 2014

November 2014

Monday, November 10
A friend of mine has recently started up a band, and they are actually pretty good. They go by the name of KlaxxonAKIRA and they have some songs up on SoundCloud.

October 2014

Monday, October 13
Lambda Calculus in Ruby: This is a talk I gave Monday, October 13, 2014 at the STLRuby Meetup. You can view the slides as a PDF, or watch my talk on YouTube.

August 2014

Monday, August 25
Intellectual regress.
Monday, August 11
Huffpost lies.
Sunday, August 10
The Most Awesome Shirt in the Universe.

June 2014

Thursday, June 17
I gave a talk at the Saint Louis Clojure Meetup where I describe some of my experience as a 10-year Lisper moving onto Clojure professionally, for three months. You can view the slides as a PDF.

May 2014

Thursday, May 1
I gave a talk at Lambda Lounge here in Saint Louis where I introduce macros in Common Lisp. You can view the slides as a PDF.

February 2014

Thursday, February 6
I gave a presentation today at Lambda Lounge explaining the basics of the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), which is how you normally do object oriented programming (OOP) in Lisp. You can download the code from GitHub or just look at the slides.

January 2014

Monday, January 13
I gave one of the lightning talks today at STLRuby entitled More is MORE! (less isn't). It is mostly just comedic and argumentative, but I did show a weird little meta-programming example in Ruby. You can download the code from GitHub or just look at the slides.