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Chris Gore: Christianity

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the One True God. I believe that the Bible is completely true, although I believe that people are often confused about what it means, most often Christians. This is most often the case with the front and the back, Genesis and Revelation.

Short Essays


The English Standard Version Bible Online
The ESV is probably the best modern English translation available. This website has the entire text available in a very web-friendly format.
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The CCEL is a collection of many ancient and more recent Christian texts from throughout the centuries, made available by Calvin College, all for free. If you are looking for an online edition of an obsure text, this is probably the first place you should look.
99.1 Joy! FM
99.1 FM is the Christian pop station here in the Saint Louis area. They have only been on air for about two years, 99.1 used to be the classical station. I listen to them on and off. I just wish they had replaced one of the other stations instead of the only classical one, I could do without 5 country stations thank you very much. Not that the missing a classical station is an issue for me much anymore now that I have Sirius XM.