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Chris Gore: Christianity: Can a Christian believe in biological evolution?

A favorite argument of many atheists against Christianity is that biological evolution somehow disagrees with Christianity and therefore any reasonable person can't be a Christian. Is there any truth to this argument?

First, while there are Christians who are young-earth creationists, there are literally millions more who are not. The atheists are using a classic logical fallacy to try to argue a point, the strawman argument: if you can't argue against the position, argue against a similar position that you can argue against. They can't argue against all of Christianity so instead they pick a subset of Christianity, present those Christians (young-earth creationists) as representative of all Christians, make successful arguments against them, and claim success.

Here is an argument of the same form to fully illustrate how absurd it is. Imagine that Alan is trying to convince Bob that we should ban all pianos because the keys are made of elephant tusks, and we shouldn't be killing elephants to make musical instruments. But most piano keys are actually made from plastic! So the argument is invalid. If Alan is being forthright then once he has been informed of this he will naturally change his argument to be that we should ban all pianos with ivory keys. If Bob agrees with the second premise, that we shouldn't kill elephants to make musical instruments, then Bob should agree with this altered conclusion. But if Alan actually doesn't care all that much one way or the other about elephants and intead really just dislikes pianos for some reason, then he will still try to argue against all pianos, not just the ones with ivory keys. He might try to convince Bob that there really aren't any pianos with plastic keys, or that the existence of pianos with plastic keys will still threaten elephants because it will encourage a black market for upscale ivory-key pianos, or anything else he can, just to not have to hear Chopin again.

Whenever you hear an atheist argue against Christianity with evolution, just remember this. They either are unaware that there are any Christians who also agree with evolution, or they just really don't like Christianity and are looking to try to trick you into disliking it too, even if it means lying to you.