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Chris Gore: Programming: Lisp: BzBz

BzBz is a very simple web micro-framework written in ANSI Common Lisp. This website runs a slightly modified version of it, but it originated with a long-dead website project of mine. Currently there isn't much to it other than a convenient set of functions for writing webpages as s-expressions, but I intend to add a lot more to it as time goes on. BzBz is licenced under a BSD-style open license, and the source code is available at, feel free to check it out. This site is uses it. I do intend to add built-in database support soon, and actually I already have a site using it that way, but I don't like the way I did it and I want to redo it more along the lines of ActiveRecord from Ruby on Rails. Until then, it isn't really a good choice for a site if you need a database backend, because you'll have to handle all of that yourself.