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Chris Gore: Programming: Lisp: Sigma

Most of the code that I write in my spare time these days is in ANSI Common Lisp, and it is almost an invariant that every person will write their own collection of nearly the same basic utility functions, just slightly different and not well-tested, whenever they come to Lisp. The problem is that there isn't any good standard library being maintained and added to like in Python, Perl, or Ruby. To try to help out with that, I have been slowly formalizing what was my personal library of utilities, which I am calling 'Sigma', since it is meant to be a collection of everything, and I have it up on GitHub: It is licensed under a BSD-style license. I am slowly adding to it and cleaning it up, adding tests and reorganizing it to impose some sort of structure onto what started out as a single file and as a bit of a mess. I hope that you find it useful.