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Chris Gore: Programming: Ruby: Rails

Ruby on Rails, or just Rails, is a web framework written in the Ruby programming language, and it just happens to be probably the nicest web framework in existance currently. It is written in the Ruby programming language, which is pretty nice in itself. I have been using Rails a lot recently, although not for this site, which is in Lisp.

I have put up a very short quick start guide for Ruby on Rails that should help you to get the default application up and running in an Ubuntu Linux environment.

Are your views still done in ERB (that is, do they have filenames like some_view.html.erb)? If so, you should learn about HAML right now. HAML is a much nicer markup language for Rails than ERb, a lot more consise and a lot easier to read. It is incredibly easy to setup in your Rails app, and you can use ERb at the same time, so you don't need to worry about rewriting all of your existing views to change over, just the new ones.

Do you need to resolve a RubyGem version error? This is generally pretty easy to fix.

Do you need to display some charts or graphs in your Rails app? ZiYa is one of the best, and the one I use most. It uses XML/SWF Charts to generate the actual charts. These can make some very nice-looking charts and graphs if you want to do so, just wander through the demos to get an idea. There is a reference for XML/SWF Charts available, and that is the one you will need to look at the most.